Color Sampling Blocks

by el Gunta 2 October 2015 in Zortrax Parts

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

These simple blocks can help you have a small sampling of the color for the material to be used on your Zortrax.
Printing a block for each different color you can build a perfectly organized sampling thanks to the joints that allow you to combine the blocks to form simple structures.
Maybe them like also to your child…..
Usually I print them with the lettering face upwards, with 0.14 layer thickness, solid infill and support lite.

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  • Profile photo of IMDIMA
    | 2 years 6 months ago


    Nice design, however for printing (if letters depth does not exceed 2 mm), you should try to print narrow face on the perf plate, light infill and no support

    Color Sampling Blocks

    Color Sampling Blocks

    by el Gunta
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