Ferris Wheel

by Zortrax 4 September 2015 in Art & Design

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike

Fully printable Ferris wheel rotating on two printed bearings.

Printing Parameters:
Layer Height: 0,14mm
Infill: Full
Support: 0°-30°


Printed parts
1,75 mm filament
1x axle
2x support
2x bearing
2x wheel
16x gondola
16x gondola roof

Frame assembly:
Insert each wheel on axle. Axle whole should be fixed on second step on the axle. Wheel cylinder should be heading outside.
Insert two bearings on axle. They should be put on the first step on the axle.
Gondola assembly:
Take 1x gondola and 1x gondola roof. Cut 4 pieces of 1,75mm filament around 25mm long. Insert 4 pieces into gondola holes. Now put the roof on these pieces. Align the roof. The distance between upper edge of gondola and roof should be 12mm. Using a pliers cut the excess of the filament. Assemble all the gondolas this way.
Gondola to frame assembly:
Take piece of filament 40mm long. Mount the filament through wheel hole, gondola roof hole and second wheel hole. Cut the excess of the filament. Mount all the gondolas this way.
Final assembly:
Mount two bearings into supports.
Wheel should rotate without any problems. Gondolas should rotate around filament axis. You can put some grease on the inside of bearings.

1 Comment

  • Profile photo of bergerbennett
    | 10 months 7 days ago

    I’ve printed all of the parts but I’m having issues with this bearing. The balls are too close and won’t spin how they are currently designed. Might this just be a printer issue or might the bearing just not work at this scale?

    I printed the bearing at the standard size that came on the SD card of the machine but this bearing is smaller. I didn’t scale it from the file provided for the ferris wheel.

    Please advise!

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