Planetary turbocharger

by 3DRings 11 October 2015 in Engineering

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License: GNU - GPL

This is a hybrid of planetary gear and turbo (drive is from enigne’s belt, not from fumes like in turbo). It is idea of turbo which is more efficient than ordinary turbocharger. Device is very compact and make less temperature (I guess 😉 ). Models have special cuts and we can see what is doing inside while turbocharger is working. Of course it isn’t final version (e.g. no bearings etc.) but it works. You can see how in this link:


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    | 2 years 1 month ago

    More like a sophisticated supercharger than a turbocharger?

    Brelok – hełm strażacki

    Brelok – hełm strażacki

    by 3DRings
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    Planetary turbocharger

    Planetary turbocharger

    by 3DRings
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    Downloads 866

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