The Kinetic Pegasus ring

by fakeangelss 10 October 2015 in Art & Design

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

Design Story

The combination between the concept of the movement mechanism (kinetic) ,the mechanism of puppets and mini sculpture.
this mechanism ring is designed to be simple and compact but fully functional in movement. The pegasus ring simulate movement of the real horse life with fluid movement to make it more lifelike. The ring can be activated in two type of activation.
1. Move the lever forward and backward to move the pegasus.
With this type of movement, the wearers can interact and transfer their falling into this ring.
2. Natural movement from gravity could make the animal moves
(wearer hand gesture)
This type of movement let wearers imagine of the little creatures are moving on their fingers and it could accompany occasion.

The ring could display as a mini sculpture as well.

note : put some oil in the pegasus joint to make it run

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The Kinetic Pegasus ring

The Kinetic Pegasus ring

by fakeangelss
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