Zortrax Ecosystem

Our aim is to bring people closer to 3D printing, that’s why we created a closed ecosystem that consists of a Zortrax M200 3D printer, compatible printing materials and dedicated software Z-Suite. This is mainly to give our users a professional business tool and a great source of joy thanks to materializing their ideas. The plug&play device is to make the whole process of 3D printing nice and easy. However, if you have any questions the support is on our side – visit our Support Center to find all the necessary data concerning the 3D printing and if you want to share – use our Zortrax Library.

3D printers
with all the essentials

Zortrax makes sure that engineers and designers focus solely on their work, which is why we always deliver products ready to use, supplied with all the necessary tools.

material options

We pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of quality materials, tailored just right for our 3D printers. Zortrax regularly expands its range of materials, adding those with the most desirable properties.

that suits your
3D program

Zortrax created its own software to help you convert your 3D model files. We call it Z-SUITE, and it's compatible with most 3D design software.

Great 3D models finally unleashed

We do our best to improve the quality and range of our products, but we are also focused on gathering the people around 3D printing and building the community of creative people. That’s why we’ve created a free online application where you can share your ideas and the whole process of putting the digital objects into life. Our ambition is to grow even better in 3D printing field by offering our users more. We hope Zortrax Library will be a great source of inspiration and user feedback, both unlimited. We need your contribution – help us develop, have fun and educate others about 3D printing. Share your designs, experience and knowledge – Zortrax Library is fueled by your creative ideas. Enjoy printing, see how much fun it can give to the users and become a creator.

Create, Print and Share

We can proudly say that our Zortrax Library is now available to all 3D printing fans! To use the Library simply register or log in and you ready to go! Improve workflow of your workshop, share user experience and learn from the know-how of others! Start to enjoy sharing the files – just select the particular category and download or upload a chosen model. All the files that are stored in our Library are of .stl, .dfx or .obj formats so they are perfectly suitable for 3D printing.