Zortrax Library Terms of Use

General Provisions
The application facilitates sharing the digital designs by the users who can upload and download models suitable for 3D printing directly from the Zortrax Library.
The application is an integral part of the Z-Suite software and its copyrights belong to the company Zortrax SA (Inc.) based in Olsztyn (address of the registered office: ul. Lubelska 34, 10-409 Olsztyn, mailing address: ul. Lubelska 34, 10-409 Olsztyn); entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000490216; Registry Court in which the company’s documentation is kept: District Court in Olsztyn, 8th Commercial Department of the National Court Register; initial capital amounting to: PLN 6,962,500 paid in full; NIP (tax identification number): 7393864289; National register of business entities (REGON): 281551179; e-mail address:zortrax@sales.com
The following Terms of Use serve as a legal agreement between the company Zortrax SA and the users of the application.

The administrator of personal data processed in connection with the implementation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is the Application Provider. Personal data is processed for the purposes, in the scope on the basis of principles indicated in the Privacy Policy. Providing personal data is voluntary. Each person whose personal data is processed by the Application Provider has the right to inspect its content as well as to update and amend it.

Using the Account is possible after jointly meeting two subsequent steps – filling out the Registration Form and clicking the field “Create an Account”. The Service User needs to enter his e-mail in the Registration Form. The Application User does not pay any fee for using the Zortrax Library. The Account in the Zortrax Library is provided for an indefinite period of time. Technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the computer system used by the Application Provider are: a computer, a laptop or a different device with access to the Internet.

User Obligations
The Application User is obliged to use the Zortrax Library in a manner compliant with the law and good practice taking into account the respect for personal rights as well as copyright and third party intellectual property rights. The Application User is forbidden to provide content of an unlawful or abusive nature. By becoming a party of the following Agreement the user allows to display and share the models with other Library users and Administrator of the Library in the Application.

User Content
The Application User is solely responsible for all the contents that are present on his Account. The contents that by any means violate the Terms of Use or law regulations will be deleted from the system.

Terms of Terminating Agreements for Providing Access to the Zortrax Library
The Service Provider and the Service User may terminate the agreement for access to the Zortrax Library at any time. The termination may relate to an Agreement for access to the Zortrax Library for an indefinite period of time of a continuous nature (e.g. an Account). The Application User may terminate the agreement for access to the Zortrax Library without indicating reasons by deleting the Account and its contents. The Application Provider may terminate the Agreement for access to the Zortrax Library when the Application User strikingly or persistently violates the Terms and Conditions, in particular when he delivers content of an unlawful nature. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions needs to be of an objective and unlawful nature.

Changing to the Terms and Conditions
The Application Provider reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions for important reasons, namely: a change to legal regulations to the extent to which these changes affect the execution of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The revised Terms and Conditions are binding for the Application User if the Application User was properly informed about the changes and the application User did not terminate the Agreement for access to the Zortrax Library of a continuous nature. When a change in the Terms and Conditions results in the introduction of any new fees, the Application User has the right to withdraw from the Agreement.

Users in the Zortrax Model Library are allowed to choose the type of license wchich will protect their models. Each license contains a set of different provisions, that determine and regulate the distribution of each model according to specific purposes. The contents of licenses available in Zortrax Model Library can be found under te given links:
Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives
Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial
Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication
Creative Commons Attribution