3D Printed Pop Pop Boat

by YosemiteSam 28 September 2015 in Engineering

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

Video presentation: https://youtu.be/iqzEAgVLHtQ

Short GIF animation: http://shrani.si/f/31/10X/vUkJr1K/pop.gif

3DPrint.com article: http://3dprint.com/79580/3d-printed-pop-pop-boat/

The boat is powered by steam, using a candle to boil water in a “boiler.” The water boils, thus expanding into steam, and this expanded steam pushes water that is in the exhaust (plastic straws), causing the boat to move about the water. Then when the water cools down, it creates a vacuum which sucks more water into the exhaust, thus creating a cycle that repeats itself. While this process is occurring there is a very clear popping sound created, thus the name “Pop Pop Boat” is quite fitting.


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    | 8 years 2 months ago

    It doens’t work. Please modify your project and add some STL files. It can’t be downloaded already.

    3D Printed Pop Pop Boat

    3D Printed Pop Pop Boat

    by YosemiteSam
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