3D printed Vein Finder

by Alex Stanciu 14 May 2016 in Medicine

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Originally made for my girlfriend’s job post , i think is better to share it with the world .
There are certainly much more complex and terrifying medical procedures beyond giving blood or receiving an injection—or even just getting an IV—but if you or someone you know is afraid of needles, then you’re well aware that’s certainly no consolation. It’s also often not a lot of fun for the medical professional who is trying to insert a needle and playing ‘let’s hope we can find a vein soon.
As a vein finder can start at 150$ and end up who knows where , this 25$ may not be certified but it works just as well and is especially destined for poor countries where people cannot afford paying big bucks for overpriced products


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    Matti Ermold 
    | 7 years 6 months ago

    Congratz on winning in the instructable contest! Really cool project!

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    | 7 years 9 months ago

    nice one!

    3D printed Vein Finder

    3D printed Vein Finder

    by Alex Stanciu
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