basic airsoft gun

by Teus3d 10 October 2015 in Engineering

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this project is not a toy. If used improperly it can cause injuries, therefore you and those around you must always wear eye protection and keep hands away from the cylinder while shooting. I’m not responsible for any damage to property, people or animals

This is my first prototype of a fully functional rubber band powered airsoft gun. Using the current setup it is capable of piercing through 2 sheets of paper with .12g bbs. Use universal lubricant for the internals and grease around the piston. The magazine holds up to 16 rounds. All parts were printed at .19mm resolution and light infill. Red is abs, white is ultrat. Parts must be scaled up to 1000%. Enjoy!


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    | 7 years 10 months ago

    Are there any assembly instructions available?

    Profile photo of i3dprinterhk
    | 8 years 1 month ago

    Hello, Greeting! Could you tell me what is the different between V1 and V2? thank you very much!

    basic airsoft gun

    basic airsoft gun

    by Teus3d
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