Electronic pills organizer

by Pills Organizer 27 March 2021 in Medicine

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Pillbox is a ready-to-use electronic board, which you can use to make an electronic pills organizer by yourself with 3d printer.
Check our short presentation on youtube: https://youtu.be/4d_TTwBO_TY

Using a regular organizer you have to arrange pills into the cells yourself. It seems to be easy to do it once, but if there are a lot of pills, and they must be taken often, sorting and laying out pills becomes a headache.

Our idea is that you needn’t sort pills into compartments in our organizer. You just put each type of pills in the separate cell and the organizer will tell you which pills, how many and from which compartment you need to take.

As a rule, pill organizers don’t care to remind you to take a pill. We decided that our device will remind you to take your medicine. When it’s time for medication, our smart organizer will beep and flash, gradually increasing the frequency of reminders so you never miss it.

On website (http://pills-organizer.com), you can find ready to print STL models for devices with different number of cells. Our electronic board is ready to use and supports up to 6 cells. If you want to change something in the model or make your own unique design, use our STEP files as good source for beginning.

You can order it on our site: https://pills-organizer.com

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Electronic pills organizer

Electronic pills organizer

by Pills Organizer
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