Freshy Girl 3D Printable Figure

by พิริยพงษ์ จุฬาสุวรรณ 7 December 2016 in Art & Design

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution

My 3Dprint experiment at 1:6 scale.

– Full 3D preview on my >> [sketchfab](
– .stl files on my >> [Thingiverse](

– All clothes thickness are 1.2mm. Design to print with 0.4mm nozzle.

– Need 2 screw to fix feet on stand base.
Which size of screw? You can 3Dprint the mockup sample out and go ask the hardware store.

– Also require a lot of cylinder pin 1.7mm diameter. 15-20mm Length.
Hard wire maybe work. I use small wood nail (head clipped)

– Freshy (เฟรชชี่) is the word Thai people call the university fresh men or the 1st year student.

– [Other costume from my previous post](

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