Zortrax M200 Plus Remote Spool Holder & Material Endstop

by Beninja 8 September 2018 in Zortrax Parts

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

Hi Guys,

This is my first model I’m uploading to here, hope you guys like it. I will put up links to parts you will need to buy online, mainly from ebay (cheap).

1 x T8 (2mm) lead screw 150mm length

2 x T8 Anti-Backlash Nut Kit

2 x 608ZZ Ball Bearings

1 x 1metre ptfe tube


1 x 9mmx6mm Body 303 Stainless Steel 16.5N End Force Ball Point Spring Plunger (ebay), for detent the cover for the spool holder.

1 x 3 Core wire/ 3 way molex plug (male/female), for extendeding the filament sensor.

I printed this in ABS Filaform (Australian filament), settings were,

Application version:
Printer: Zortrax M200 Plus
Profile: Last settings
Material: ABS-based filament
Layer: 0.14 mm
Quality: Default
Infill: 50%
Fan speed: Auto
Seam: Random
Outer contours: 0.00
Holes: 0.00
Surface layers Top: 6
Surface layers Bottom: 5
Support Lite: Yes
Smart bridges: No
Print speed: +0%
Extruder flow ratio: +0%
Top layer infill (%): 100
Bottom layer infill (%): 100
Extrusion temp.: 235
Platform temp.: 46
Retraction speed: 36
Retraction distance: 1.0
First layer gap: 0.20 mm

Everything is designed to be printer on a M200 Plus. The main reason for this design was to allow for different size spools in diameter and width with the spool.

Have fun!

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Zortrax M200 Plus Remote Spool Holder & Material Endstop

Zortrax M200 Plus Remote Spool Holder & Material Endstop

by Beninja
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