M200 Top Cover (temp and fumes management)

by stv-is-it 3 April 2018 in Zortrax Parts

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License: Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial

SEE ASSEMBLY VIDEO: https://youtu.be/mR9bpB0uexM

Now also Zortrax has put in the store a Cover to reduce the problems of printing,… good “almost ” like this… 😮 … :-)
It is not necessary to remove for all maintenance or filament change operations.

ALL FILES HERE: https://www.redpah.com/product/4045

It is a special TopCover that allows to improve and stabilize the temperature of the printing area and, with 4 possible accesses, to manage the internal air for:
Fume extraction (external extractor connection)
Dehumidification (air circulation with external dehumidifier)
Temperature change (air circulation with external hot/cold air generator)

Reduce the problems of warping and layer separation, and also the odor while printing (with fumes extraction).

All parts were printed in Z-HIPS, plus some items “READY TO USE” purchased on Amazon.
Everything was assembled with: drill/screwdriver, pliers, cutter, miscellaneous screws

Amazon parts:
1x Transparent Acrylic plate DIN A4 210x297x3 mm
1x Transparent Acrylic plate DIN A3 420x297x3 mm
3x Black Acrylic plate DIN A4 210x297x3 mm
1x WINGONEER 2-in-1 Digital LCD integrated thermometer hygrometer Black
1x Magnetastico® | 10 pieces self-adhesive neodymium magnets N52 40x10x1 mm

Description files name:
CFD (Center Front Down)
CRD (Center Rear Down)
CRU (Center Rear Up)
LCD (Left Center Down)
LCU (Left Center Up)
LFD (Left Front Down)
LFU (Left Front Up)
LRD (Left Rear Down)
LRU (Left Rear Up)
RCD (Right Center Down)
RCU (Right Center Up)
RFD (Right Front Down)
RFU (Right Front Up)
RRD (Right Rear Down)
RRU (Right Rear Up)

I recommend that you print all the pieces in the same direction to get the same errors in the XYZ axes and not have discrepancies during assembly.

The space to fix screws and bolts is reduced but no need to tighten much.
Use a little glue between the joints to improve the seal.

Material: Z-HIPS
Infill: 30%
Holes: 0.20
Pattern: PATT 2 (octagon)
Layer: 0.19
Support: LITE
Smart Bridge: YES

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